International Directory of Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association Approved Practitioners, Teachers & Associates

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We found 15 records

Name City Membership Status Contact Information
Oscar Ferraro Barcelona PRACTITIONER ph +34 626 59 46 60
Xavier Gil Rivas Barcelona Catalonia PRACTITIONER e-mail
eve 34 650 14 5439
Sebastián Sendrós Tolsau Barcelona PRACTITIONER ph +34 667 457 025
Ariadna Mignogna Valls Barcelona PRACTITIONER ph +573125550284
Helena Ylla-Catalá Puigrefagut Barcelona PRACTITIONER e-mail +34 635 54 11 12
Sebastían Sendrós Tolsan Barcelona PRACTITIONER
Sujati Sandra Lacanna Inca Mallorca PRACTITIONER ph 34(0)685 378001
day Mallorca, Barcelona & Madrid
Francisco Martínez Chans La Coruña PRACTITIONER e-mail
Rafael Agustino Fdz-Pacheco Las Rozas Madrid PRACTITIONER ph 6395 02295
Mili Lazcano Del Val Madrid PRACTITIONER eve 34 687 491 948
fax 34 714 670 0223
Yolanda Vega de la Puente Madrid PRACTITIONER ph 34 616 716 512
Maria Jose Neira Alvarez Madrid PRACTITIONER e-mail
Lucas Galera Carrion Palafolls Barcelona PRACTITIONER ph +34 629110199
José Ignacio Pérez Guijarro Valladolid PRACTITIONER e-mail
ph +34 649 720 474
David Willingham Vigo Pontevedra PRACTITIONER ph 34 627 61 55 79

The Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association Members listed in this directory are divided into three categories:

These practitioners are in active, full time practice and are certified teachers of Esalen Massage worldwide. Only teachers listed here are Esalen Institute-approved.

These individuals are certified in Esalen Massage. They may or may not have a full time practice. They maintain membership in good standing with the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association by adhering to the organization's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Individuals who are interested in Esalen Massage, but may not be certified.

We invite you to submit your massage questions to us at Esalen.